Doctor in the house: time for a health check?

Doctor in the house: time for a health check?

Getting a regular health check - it's one of those things that we often just do not have time for, but we all know it can be vital to our ongoing health.

With respect to your business, it’s the same. It's often hard to take a step back and assess whether your business is healthy, on track with respect to its strategic objectives and operational imperatives, or even checking whether you're getting a ‘good deal’ with respect to your existing finance or trade agreements.

A healthy business can both manage and respond, amongst other things, to:

  • the changing needs of its customers
  • opportunities from its supply chain
  • industry and market movements
  • the need or confidence to grow, retract, start and stop initiatives
  • working capital cycle challenges (debtor, creditor, work in progress or inventory-related)
  • a changing leadership, management or staffing team
  • risk parameters relevant to your business
  • management information systems that integrate across all functions, or
  • a financial arrangement and governance that suits capital and operational needs.

We have an experienced team of advisors who understand how businesses should work, how to manage issues, and what steps you can take to build, exit or restructure your business or corporate structure. We have bespoke services that can be framed around your needs, whether building, maintaining or preparing for the next phase.

Health check

  • health check assessment across all key business components
  • identification of key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • change recommendations (step plans) in order of priority
  • integrative advisory to implement changes or a business plan/strategy for your execution

Debt advisory

  • health check assessment & recommendations on financial facilities
  • distressed debt advice and advocacy
  • financial modelling and covenant advisory
  • assistance with arranging operational and/or structural finance.

How can Cor Cordis assist?

For further discussion on your needs or to arrange your health check, please contact one of our partners at our office near you.



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