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Brave Futures… leading businesses through complex challenges

Since 2006, we’ve successfully grown to become one of Australia’s trusted advisory and restructuring firms. Our purpose is to ignite change and drive positive impact, leading businesses through complex challenges.

As a firm we’ve embraced braver futures as the catalyst for turning uncertainty into clarity.  We thrive on navigating complexity and resolving b
usiness problems.

From advisory to restructuring and turnaround to forensics and insolvency, our team of experts dive deep to develop solutions to minimise financial distress and optimise financial recovery.

Let’s redefine what’s possible

What we do

Cor Cordis is one of Australia’s leading independent business advisory firms with expertise in solving complex financial problems.

We unpack the many complex challenges companies face when dealing with financial distress.

Our values

Guiding our people and fuelling future growth

Our values form the foundation of our culture. They direct our actions, shape our decisions, and unite our team. They are the driving force behind our vibrant culture and play a pivotal role in our firm's growth.  

For our people, these values are the pillars of trust, creating a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered. They foster an environment where ideas flourish, diversity thrives, and innovation blossoms. Our values empower our team to bring their authentic selves to work, knowing that their unique perspectives and talents are not only embraced but celebrated.

For our firm, our values are the cornerstone of our success. They guide us in building strong client relationships, ensuring our services are delivered with integrity, and helping us adapt and excel in a constantly evolving business landscape. These values are the foundation on which we stand as we embrace new challenges, seize opportunities, and continue to shape our bright future.

Together we Succeed

We collaborate with our people and our stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.

Embrace our Differences

We respect and include different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to solve complex problems, exploring new ways of thinking and doing.

Be your Best

We nurture the growth, development, and wellbeing of our people. We are bold and strive to be at our best always.

Lead with Integrity

We demonstrate integrity and accountability through our actions. We talk straight and do what we say we will do.


Children’s Foundation

Starlight Children’s Foundation’s mission is to brighten and enrich the lives of seriously ill children, young people, and their families by replacing fear with fun, joy, and laughter.

Cor Cordis proudly supports Starlight Children’s Foundation as our principal community organisation.  

We support Starlight with donations, various fundraising activities, and events nationally, and provide volunteer leave for our teams.

Learn more about Starlight.


donated to Starlight

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