Ishka's former Administrators' statement

Ishka's former Administrators' statement

Michael Sklovsky Pty Ltd (formerly trading as Ishka) (subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) ACN: 005 417 327

Ishka's former Administrators' statement

Any queries regarding Ishka should be made directly to the office of the Liquidators of Sahasrara Pty Ltd (trading as Ishka), as follows:


Phone:                 (03) 9670 6544

Contact:               Nick Borg            

Please do not contact our office.


As you may be aware, Barry Wight and I were appointed Administrators of Michael Sklovsky Pty Ltd (formerly trading as Ishka) (the Company) on 20 February 2020.

Effective 5 June 2020, the assets of the Company including the business operating as Ishka, were sold to Sahasrara Pty Ltd (trading as Ishka) (Sahasrara) under a Business Sale Deed (BSD). Sahasrara commenced trading the business of Ishka at this time.  

The sale formed part of the Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA), which was approved by creditors of the Company at a meeting held on 15 May 2020.

It was also resolved at the meeting of creditors that Shane Cremin and Geoffrey Handberg of Rodgers Reidy be appointed Deed Administrators of the Company. Their appointment became effective on 5 June 2020 at 12.35pm. At that time, the Deed Administrators took control of the Company, the Administrators’ ceased to be in control of the Company, and Barry Wight and I ceased to be Administrators of the Company.

The Deed Administrators have advised us that Antony Cant and Manual Hanna of Romanis Cant were appointed as Liquidators of Sahasrara on 24 August 2021, and that any queries regarding Ishka should be made directly to the Liquidators’ office, as detailed above.

Rachel Burdett

Former Joint and Several Administrator



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