Business restructuring and turnaround

Business restructuring and turnaround

Sustainable and effective stabilisation, restructuring and turnaround of your business can take on many forms.

It depends on the issues you are facing, how systemic or embedded these issues are and the impact they have had on your business to date. Nevertheless, resolving the issues requires integration with your current business - it's not a simple 'staged' process.

We use our experience to help diagnose, prioritise and integrate initiatives and actions which you need across all facets of business to help you return to best practice or establish your next phase ('next practice').

1) Pre-engagement discussions, risks and viability

Will it work?

  • business viability assessment
  • stakeholder commitments
  • current cash flow position
  • strategic direction
  • directors’ duties & board considerations
  • stress testing
  • key personnel assessment

2) Stabilisation

What is needed?

  • communication & governance effectiveness
  • stakeholder management
  • cash conservation / generation initiatives
  • cost controls or reduction
  • asset management (incl sales of non-core assets)
  • systems & processes including reporting (short term)
  • working capital management
  • reputation & brand management debt & funding review
  • workforce review

3) Performance improvement

What happens next?

  • financial reporting (3 way)
  • strategic planning
  • market position & brand analysis
  • stakeholder management
  • systems & processes (long term)
  • communication structures
  • operational efficiencies
  • corporate streamlining
  • corporate governance
  • next stage performance improvement

4) Optimisation

Why undertake?

  • restate strategic objectives
  • restore clear direction
  • efficient operations
  • responsive & agile trading
  • accurate reporting capital or cash reserve growth
  • debt facilities alignment
  • strong communication culture
  • back on track & next practice
  • strong stakeholder relationships
  • future opportunities – growth

How can Cor Cordis assist?

If you require further information or would like a confidential discussion, please contact one of our partners at our office near you.



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