ASIC appointment - Berndale Capital Securities Pty Ltd and related companies

Receivers and managers for Berndale Capital Securities Pty Ltd and related companies

On 18 April 2019, Rachel Burdett-Baker and Bruno Secatore were appointed as joint and several receivers and managers, by Order of the Federal Court of Australia, over the following entities:

  • Berndale Capital Securities Pty Ltd (formerly known as Berndale Group Pty Ltd, 147963 Pty Ltd, Forex TG Pty Ltd, Forex Place Australia Pty Ltd and Jardine Futures & Securities Pty Ltd) ACN 113 616 032
  • Berndale Capital Securities Management Pty Ltd (formerly known as Berndale Capital Securities Pty Ltd) ACN 606 118 736
  • Algoplus Pty Ltd ACN 605 329 575

The application for the appointment was made by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

We are presently undertaking investigations into the affairs of the Companies, the outcome of which will be provided in a report to be submitted to the Federal Court of Australia by 31 May 2019.

All investors or creditors of the Companies are requested to provide Cor Cordis with information regarding their involvement with the Companies, including details of any funds owed to them.  Please direct all correspondence and queries to Catherine Torres of this office on (03) 8320 5646 or



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