Announcing Cor Cordis’ dynamic new brand identity

Announcing Cor Cordis’ dynamic new brand identity

We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity.  This marks a significant step forward in our firm’s journey of growth and transformation.  

This milestone represents the evolution of Cor Cordis, encompassing our new ethos – Brave Futures. At the heart of this transformation lies our commitment to guiding businesses through complex challenges, supported by a revitalised visual identity.

Our revitalised brand preserves the integrity of Cor Cordis while infusing new vitality, capturing the essence of the firm today and aligning it with future growth aspirations, allowing our brand to carve out a distinct niche in the market.

As a firm, we’ve embraced Brave Futures as the catalyst for turning uncertainty into clarity.  Our expertise lies in navigating complexities and resolving business issues.  Brave Futures embodies our ability to implement future-focused strategies and guide our clients through challenges toward a braver future.

From the imagery chosen and the new photographic style we have adopted, each element echoes our brand’s core attributes of dynamic, bold, contemporary, and authentic.

Our new visual identity has been brought to life through our new Cor Cordis website, which is now live and ready to be explored.

Visit us today and discover the future of Cor Cordis.



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