Eastern Advisor Luncheon

Presentation and Networking Event

Damien Quinn (Director, Cor Cordis), Michelle Cupples (Director, Hassall’s Litigation Service), Miles Deayton (Director, Deayton Tax Consulting), Dimi Karangelis (Director, Westwood Legal) and Dan McNamara (Franchisee, Mortgage Choice) invite you to join them for their inaugural Eastern Advisor Luncheon.

The afternoon will include a brief presentation and networking with like-minded professionals. Topics covered: 

  • Cor Cordis: Capabilities and services, tips for working with external administrators, and an update on current market conditions.
  • Hassall's Litigation services: General litigation and succession planning.
  • Deayton Tax Consulting: Saving time, cost and stress for accountants clients when dealing with taxation issues
  • Westwood Legal: Partnering with professionals to assist clients navigating a separation and common issues faced by family law clients.
  • Mortgage Choice: Update on Interest rate news, and forecasts for 2024.
Wednesday 21 February 2024
12pm start
Deco, 211 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East
15 February 2024
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