New Cor Cordis Branding


Since its genesis in 2006, Cor Cordis has evolved to become one of Australia’s largest professional business advisory firms with 17 Partners and over 120 advisors.

Over the past 3 years the firm has rapidly expanded its key services to include Advisory and Restructuring & Turnaround capabilities, supported by very experienced personnel from both industry and the profession.

The firm has traditionally been based in Melbourne and Sydney, however over the same period it has expanded its geographic footprint to Perth and Brisbane. Therefore, Cor Cordis is now a truly national firm striving to preserve and enhance value for all its stakeholders.

As a result of its significant growth and geographic reach, we decided it was an opportune time to revamp our identity, branding and logo with a view to encapsulating this expanded service proposition.

The website has also been updated to reflect the new brand/logo and to clearly articulate and reflect Cor Cordis’ current market position. Specifically:

  • The new logo reflects the fact that Cor Cordis is here to help “Guide the Way” through what can sometimes be a very challenging and difficult unknown tunnel.
  • The “C” in the logo reflects the light glowing to help you navigate through the strategic and financial challenges and to offer guidance, certainty and comfort whilst in possibly unchartered waters.
  • We offer reassurance to all our clients that are faced with business challenges by helping them work through the apprehension that is associated with complex circumstances.
  • Our new logo reflects energy, insightfulness and safety through the warmness of the colours and the bright light that we offer as a trusted advisor.

Cor Cordis’ mission is to preserve and enhance the worth and purpose of every client. We hope you find the new branding/logo story appealing, as we are very excited about the future of Cor Cordis and the way forward.

We take this opportunity to thank the many stakeholders who have supported the firm over its professional journey and we look forward to being of even greater assistance in the future.