At Cor Cordis, we are always looking for talented individuals, across all levels of experience, to join our team . Our core activities include corporate and personal insolvency, secured creditor services, forensic accounting and litigation support. We value a broader approach to financial problems, getting to the root of an entity’s financial affairs, providing recommendations and solutions that will allow all parties to achieve the best possible outcome available.

What we can offer you:

We provide a young, dynamic workplace that embraces a high degree of dedication and professionalism, as well as an enjoyable working environment.

Professionally, we test every candidate, pushing them to realise their potential and achieve their goals. We are dedicated to enhancing your skill set, with exposure to engagements across a diverse range of industries and various sizes/complexity.

Socially, we provide a vibrant workplace that embraces and values individuals. We encourage our staff to participate in social events and to interact with those outside the office, spreading the Cor Cordis name and brand.

Other benefits include:

  • CA and ARITA program support, including financial assistance as well as paid study/exam leave.
  • Secondments in banking institutions to expand your knowledge and interests across different areas in the industry.
  • Peer mentoring to build relationships with colleagues and guide you to where you want to go.
  • Salary packages that mirror your worth and progression, rather than follow a standard criteria of years of experience or qualifications earned.
  • Flat structure that values your opinion and is always open to your suggestions. We want to be a part of you as much as you want to be a part of us, and that requires your input to help shape who we are to become.
  • Regular in-house staff training, and support for attendance at industry conferences/seminars.

For recent Graduates looking to join the Cor Cordis team, visit our  Gradcon4_logo  page or submit your details below.