How We Might Help

The Cor Cordis Integrated Services Approach

Banking and Financier Advisory Services
  • Investigating Accountants (IA)
  • Receivers and Managers
  • Agent for the Mortgagee in Possession
  • Section 436C appointment of a Voluntary Administrator by the Charges
  • Informal Restructuring/Work-out/Monitoring Bank Advisory
  • Acting as a conduit between the Financier and the Board/Directors/Investors
Corporate Insolvency Services

 – Voluntary Administration; and

 – Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

  • Working with Secured Lender to represent their class of interest
  • Effecting a going concern sale to benefit both secured and unsecured creditors
  • Structuring a DOCA which preserves the Secured Creditors rights and provides a better return to Unsecured Creditors
  • Use of investigative powers to assess net worth of Directors/Guarantors to benefit Financiers
Personal Insolvency Services
  • Advise and act for Financiers in the pursuit of Personal Guarantees either as Trustee in Bankruptcy or assessing PIA’s